Good ol' Chris Daly -- in an interview with the NY Times about Proposition H (reduces swelling), he said about the anti-H forces, "I'm crazy, but they're crazier." (Special bonus quote from the article: Daly is described as "a self-described far-left progressive." Yes he is!)

Well, Daly may or may not be proven right as the NRA rumbles into town, so upset about the 58% yes on H vote that they filed suit directly in the state appellate court. Why don't they have to go through the Superior Court like everyone else, huh? They shoot their way in or something?

Prop. H prohibits any SF resident from owning a handgun, and will require that everyone turn in their guns by April 1, 2006. Second Amendment advocates are claiming that the law makes us unsafer, would require cops to go gun-free, and would prohibit people from using guns in opera productions. Daly says police are exempt and operas and school plays can just use toy guns. Dennis Herrera, fresh from his 98% victory (almost as popular as Saddam Hussein!), says he's confident the city as a local municipality can regulate guns however it wants.