Oh man, this is cool on so many levels. First, you've got your crafter chic, and by a local blogger, no less. That's an awesome piece of handmade American merchandise. Conversation starter? Got it. Good cause? In spades. But the best part is that it's for sale!

This Flying Spaghetti Monster plush toy will be on sale on ebay tonight. All proceeds up to $1000 will be matched and donated to the National Center for Science Education. (2x the selling price will be donated.) Watch this space for further details.
Oh man, if we hadn't blown the SFist budget on beer and t-shirts, we'd totally be bidding on this. It would be the most ironic Christmas gift ever. It's not up on eBay now. So call your significant other now and see if there's money on the credit card. It mocks God !

Thanks, MJ!

for the children