So it is, yet again, with this year's East Bay ballers. For about the fifth year in a row, the Warriors' marketing department is trying to hype us on the upcoming season as one of promise and playoffs. To quote Jim Mora, "Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs. Are you kidding me? Playoffs?"

This year's predictable hype coupled with last's year typical late-season glimpse of mediocrity have increased Warriors season ticket sales more than any other NBA team (+3,000 this year over last), and some Warriors fans are already starting to lose their heads. It's one thing to hope that Baron Davis and Jason Richardson can help the Warriors lurch toward .500, but anyone who thinks that Adonal Foyle is going to step up and suddenly become an inside presence needs to just let go and back away from the drugs for a couple of months.

There a chance this team could be entertaining, if not decent, but decent is a long way from good, let alone the playoffs. After so many years, of baaaaad teams, Warriors fans have Dubya'ed down their expectations so far that they are willing to shell out NBA coin in hopes of seeing just a watchable team, which, sadly, would be a major upgrade over the last 11 playoff-barren seasons in the NBA wilderness.

SFist Chris, Contributing