Hey, no one told us that Gavin was giving a State of the City address last night! We totally would have gone!

It was all blah blah blah, Tony Hall, blah blah beautification, blah blah wind and solar power, but Newsom also announced that he's thinking about starting a science and technology high school over in Mission Bay. Going on the NY model, SF has one general Stuyvesant-type magnet school (Lowell) and a FAME-type arts school (School of the Arts), but we've never had a specialized Bronx Science-type geek school, or any type of magnet school on the east side of the city. (Though can someone explain to us how Galileo fits in here, then, with the whole "science and technology" thing in its name?) The proposed school's supposed to combine high school and college classes, with a focus on the biotech research going on around there.

Schoolwatchers note (page 5, .pdf) that it may be hard to launch a new school given how the SF school district's enrollment numbers keep dropping, and that a lot of other schools (Lowell, Lincoln, Wallenberg, and Galileo) have already launched biotech-oriented programs -- but, come on, there's something so appealing about putting all your geeks together in one school! Go Mathletes!