This week's adoptable pet (he'll be featured on SFist all week long on the left side of the site, half-way down) comes to us from Grateful Dogs Rescue. Rufus has a similar story to SFist Franny, who was also saved from euthenasia by an ACC employee who saw her potential. Maybe that's why we like him so much, or is it that happy grin?

Rufus seems to be an all-around happy guy who is winning over all he meets with his good nature, easy-going temperament and really good manners! He is a love-sponge but not needy or demanding for attention. A very kindly shelter attendant saw the potential in this boy and kept him at the shelter far longer than usual, saving him from euthanasia. Rufus is a healthy 50 lbs., solidly built but not chubby. He has some dry skin which can be treated easily; and he is already neutered. Rufus has a positive outlook that will have him fitting into most moderately active households.

Rufus is respectful to other dogs, even a little reserved; has not been tested with cats. He is housebroken, is not a noisy barker, doe not chew inappropriate items and seems to be the consummate gentleman! He is not reserved with people and shows his fondness by leaning against those who befriend him!

Rufus would love to be your buddy, going for nice long walks everyday. Moderate exercise and play will keep him healthy and happy. In return, your family will have a happy, tail-wagging fellow who will give his gratitude, affection and loyalty! Rufus will make a good companion for respectful children too!

To learn more about Rufus and Grateful Dogs rescue, see their site.


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