How would you work with the assessor to make sure that property owners are paying their fair share of taxes?
The Treasurer’s office will continue to work closely with the Assessor to collect property taxes fairly and efficiently. San Francisco currently has the lowest property tax delinquency rate of all time, at 1.10%, which means more money for the City.

How can the treasurer's office help the citizens of San Francisco?
There are two critical issues in my department that I believe are essential to helping the citizens of San Francisco:

  1. Tax revenue collection is the most important issue that faces my office everyday. As Treasurer, I aggressively enforce existing tax laws to ensure that every resident and every business is paying their fair share. Tax revenue that is delinquent or remains uncollected means a MUNI bus line has to be cancelled, or funding for the local healthcare clinic has to be cut.

  2. Financial justice and access to financial education is a very important issue that we confront all-year round. Many lower-income San Franciscans do not manage their money in a way that allows them to save for the future and make ends meet. This is unjust because they have not had the education or exposure to the financial management skills that many of us take for granted. In short, they have not had opportunities like the rest of us, and that is not just. In the Treasurer’s Office, we are putting the financial bully-pulpit of the office to good use by making sure that our working families are signed up for the San Francisco Working Families Tax Credit. We are marking sure that every citizen in our great City has a bank account and does not rely on check-cashing companies.

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