With Anne Rice only writing for God and "gothic" becoming synonymous with crazy teen killer, those of us who like our music how we like our coffee are left twisting in the dramatically flattering wind. Fear not, as Jill Tracy is here to deliver us.

Equal parts performance artist, evil MC, filmmaker, musician, and bad-ass icon, Jill Tracy and The Malcontent Orchestra will be at the Hypnodrome all weekend as part of the Thrillpeddlers' ongoing Shocktoberfest 2005. We've gone on and on about the Thrillpeddlers and the Hypnodrome before, but this looks to be a special treat, as we'll get to see plays from 1908-1928 at the Grand Guignol, the original Paris shockstage, never before seen by American audiences. Buy tickets here for this weekend's special set of Halloween performances. And if you can't catch Jill then, there's always her November 17 show at DNA lounge as part of Cabaret Verdalet.

You play piano and sing on your record, Diabolical Streak. You're clearly quite the accomplished musician, what's your musical background?
Aside from a stint of loathsome childhood piano lessons, I never studied music. I have always intuited my compositions. I'm fascinated with conjuring moods from sound. It's magical. My work is uniquely transporting because the origin is not coming from stale rules, trends, or textbooks, but from the kingdom in my mind's eye. I love to take people there with me. Aural kidnapping.