Howdy, folks! It's been a powerful slow week for tech news, so in honor of the Fry's in Palo Alto, we'll take the "roundup" in the title literally and rustle us up a big heapin' mess of western-themed blog headlines! Hot and saucy! Texas style!

Frontier Justice in the Lawless Blogosphere
Seems a week don't go by less we hear about Google, and this time they're under the gun from Webmasters gettin' hit by blog spam. Bloggers and search engine/indexing service maintainers are accusing Google of not putting enough safety checks into its Blogspot service, making it too easy for spammers to create fake blogs that get linked in with the "real" ones.

We in the labs can't be too critical of Blogspot, as we'd hate to see some heartless computer prevent some narcissistic Web user with erectile dysfunction and a fascination with cheap prescription medication from realizing his opportunity for free expression.

By SFist Chuck, contributing