When the Virgin Megastore on Market opened, the top floor contained a restaurant we spent hours in. Overlooking Market and Stockton streets, we sat there with our textbooks (while frequently reading magazines, don't get us wrong) swilling coffee and taking in the view. In fact, some of our first dates with our now life-partner took place in the Virgin Cafe, back when our lives weren't dominated by local-interest websites and Citizen Kane. And then one day the Virgin Cafe was gone, blocked off and empty.

It wasn't until SFist Rita suggested we check out the new occupant of that space, Citizen Cupcake, that we remembered how much we'd adored the Virgin Cafe. The space is different -- a single, long table sweeps across the room, and low seating is in front of the windows. (Our German s.o. describes the layout as "very Euro", a term he uses interchangably for certain styles of shoes, telephones, and attitudes about race and gender, so maybe we should forget about quoting him.)