Assuming you aren't going to the SF Weekly Music awards tonight, and that you have "$30, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford", and you feel like drinkin', you should head out to Cafe Royale for a happy hour with SFist's best-loved State Smasher Matt Gonzalez and Gary Ruskin (look out, it's a damned PDF), executive director of Commercial Alert.

From 6-8 tonight you can bend elbows with our favorite runner up since Suzette Charles and the head of an organization dedicated to "keeping the commercial culture within its proper sphere, and preventimg it from exploiting children and subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity and democracy." Recent campaigns of Commercial Alert involve cell phones marketed to kids, childhood obesity, and getting rid of Channel One.

While SFist isn't educated enough on the issues raised by Commercial Alert to endorse or reject them, we will say that Matt Gonzalez is nice to our dog and we like him. If we didn't already have a date with the Primitive Screwheads you know we'd be hitting Cafe Royale tonight.