Don't you hate that 2 a.m. feeling when you think, ? Well, for one brief shining weekend, you can! BART's going to be experimenting with 24-hour service next weekend, from the evening of Friday October 14 through Sunday October 16. Yay! (Okay, stop laughing at us, New Yorkers.)

Because the eastbound lanes on the Bay Bridge will be totally closed those nights, BART's stepping up to get you party people home. The two other times BART's been open all night were in the face of the dreaded Y2K bug for the millennium New Year and throughout the entire time the Bay Bridge was closed after the '89 quake. They claim they can't go 24-7 all the time because of "necessary maintenance" on the lines.

Alas, there's no delight without some pain -- we regret to inform that you won't actually be able to get to South Hayward that weekend on the night owl BART -- the trains are making limited stops only, so the closest you'll get to South Hayward is Bay Fair. Check here for the schedule (.pdf).

Metblogs were on it before we were, but thanks to our tipsters who got us back in the know!

God, if I could only go to South Hayward right about now