A mute boy in love with a blind girl! Marionettes! Butoh dancing! A swordfight! Attempted acting! Minnesotan hip-hoppers! Relentless artistic integrity! Sounds like another San Francisco film festival to us. The Foggy Eye Film Fest started as just an excuse to show the short film "Chatterbox," but as time progressed, the screening accumulated other shorts, until the whole thing had katamaried into a full-on exhibition. Fifteen projects and a live band; suggested donation of $6; and a boatload of good intentions, with which, which as we all know, the road to heaven is paved. The evening is chaotically curated by local film/video production company EPI Productions and friend-of-SFist Edward "Don't Call Him Ed" Rosenblum, recent recipient of an undisclosed award. We asked Edward to describe the event in the most inviting terms possible, and he informed us that no one would be turned away for lack or misuse of genitals, which is heartening news to be sure.

The festival goes down on October 16th at the hysteric we mean historic Victoria Theater; doors at 6:30. It is categorically forbidden for audience members to bring discreet containers of alcohol, so you know what that means -- don't get caught, Drunky McBoozehound.