Okay, we confess, Ken Garcia the dentist isn't the same Ken Garcia who just took early retirement from the Chronicle. For one thing, Ken Garcia the dentist also plays in a jammin' Latin/Polynesian band.

Ken Garcia the columnist, you may recall, was usually known for his near-sycophantic love of Gavin Newsom. When Garcia wasn't lapping up to Newsom, he was usually mocking Chris Daly. More here, here, and here. Also -- here, here, and here! And that's just a few! Ken, you should just have them set up a search feature on sfgate by category, like us!

Was Ken pushed into early retirement in the latest Chronicle guild negotiations? Well, the left wing seems to have called a moratorium on advocating for the rights of the workers, at least in this case -- and Daly seems to have gotten in the last word:

Ken Garcia's didn't miss his opportunity to take a parting shot at yours truly on Friday. Writing in his last column that the Chronicle's offer was too good to refuse, Garcia was decidedly optimistic about his future job prospects. But Ken, just how well did your interview go with the Symphony? Hey, as Nino Brown put it, "See ya, and I wouldn't want to be ya."