And with that, we bid adieu to the Giants' season as baseball has moved to the playoffs and everyone's favorite drama, Waiting For the Sox/Yanks. Which means it's time for Your San Francisco Giants Season Replay, a season which we think can be summed up thusly: you know, it could have been worse.

First, let's get to the damning evidence as it were. Record? 75 & 83, the worst record under the Sabaen era and third place in the craptastic NL Worst. That 75 & 83 record, by the way, marks the Gigantes as having the 10th worst record in MLB. On the other hand, somehow, inexplicably, amazingly, the Giants managed to make things somewhat interesting, to tease the faithful with the far-away, once thought of as impossible dream of somehow maybe getting into the playoffs. In fact, about a week ago, people were even almost giddy about it as they went into San Diego for a four game series only four back. Sure, they needed to run the table to make the playoffs, but nobody confused the 2005 Padres with the '27 Yankees, or even the '98 Padres, or hell, even the SFist softball team. But after one of those epic, operatic, nail-biter of a victory that makes us thank the Good Lord for bequething us baseball and giving us a strong heart, the Giants turned around and blew it all in one of those epic, operatic, hairball coughups that makes you curse the Not-So-Good Lord for bequething us baseball and giving us a heart doomed to another batch of TUMS.

Image that sums up the Giants' season from SFGate