"Anonymous" writes:

I don't know why I went back to (restaurant redacted). The last time I went there this bitchy lady was cleaning the counters. She had on rubber gloves and she just took the gloves off and started making my burrito . . . she might have grabbed the tortilla with the gloves. . . the time before some other bitchy woman was cleaning the counters and the dirty chemical water was getting in the beans and meat and whatever else way on the edge . . . tonight, the jerk coughed in his hands before he made my burrito! Needless to say I didn't eat it. Why didn't I walk away?!!! Why didn't I yell, "Wash your hands Motherf*cker!" Alas, $4 wasted because I suck.

SFist Answers, what is wrong with me? Why do I keep going back to this place that so obviously sucks? Also, do you know how to get in touch with the restaurant inspectors so I can bring those bastards down?