"It's just something about the NES that does it for me like no other system has. I started this club because I had a feeling there were others out there that felt the same way," George, head-guy of the club, tells us, then adds, "I was right." A steadily-growing membership (which includes girls, undeservedly rare in modern gaming) proves him right. Previous club activities include a field trip to the Classic Gaming Expo, and excursions to the Ashby Flea Market to rummage for carts. They've collected quite a few games from flea markets, and monuments to Nintendo's durability, they always work. Those that are reluctant to boot are treated to a special solvent, mixed by hand for George by "this guy I know" who refuses to divulge the secret recipe.

Future meeting activities: an NES-themed October party at someone's house; tournaments projected on giant screens; Very Special Secret Guest appearances; and plenty of fawning over obscure NES accessories, as well as minor hacks to new equipment like powerbooks and GameBoy Micros so that they, too, can experience the simple joys of an 8-bit game. Oh man -- nerdy hipsters with cute retro digiphemera; we're in heaven. This club fits SF like a glove. A powerglove.