Let's take a look behind the scenes at the Gastronomique production studio. The question that we get all the time (email us your questions, comments, or suggestions here, btw, we want your input) is: how do you pick the places that you review? Well, that's easy: we read the free weeklies, and if a restaurant advertises with "grand opening" and "take 10% off your meal with this coupon," we are in.

Consider Thai Chef, for instance. Oh, we could make up a story of visiting the new De Young museum after some highly sophisticated event, like, say, Opera in the Park, and catching sight of Thai Chef's sign from the top of the tower, catching a whiff of their kitchen's fumet through a crack in the window and being forcefully drawn there by some powers beyond our control. But then we would not be able to share with you the 10% discount, and we're all about the cheap stuff.