Today Arnold officially added homos to his list of vulnerable minorities to push around when he vetoed AB 849, which passed the state legislature and would have granted marriage equality to gay couples. It's no secret that Arnold didn't want to sign the bill, but he didn't have to veto it -- like most problems, it would have gone away if ignored: neglecting to veto or sign the bill, after a few more weeks, would've resulted in its becoming law by default. He cited Prop 22 as his excuse for the veto, a vaguely-worded proposition from two years ago that is expected to be ruled unconstitutional eventually by the state Supreme Court. This is his second anti-gay veto this year; earlier, he vetoed a bill that would've allowed politicians to pledge not to engage in gay-baiting. We sure hope Arnold's new political career works out for him; now that he's twice flipped gays the bird and did little to dispel the myth that he admired Hitler, he's pissed off the two groups that run showbiz.

Update: In case there was any doubt, yes, there will be a rally. It's tomorrow, Friday, at 5 p.m. starting at the Harvey Milk Plaza (corner of Castro and Market) and marching to the LGBT Center.