For one glorious day in San Francisco, "Going skiing in the Marina" wasn't a euphemism on Craigslist. Serene blue skies and scorching summer weather made for fantastic conditions on the man-made run down Fillmore street from Broadway to Green. Of course, we were late, as it took us an hour and a half to make it from Market and 4th (we're blaming the cuts in Muni service -- we haven't been on time to anything all week). But there was still plenty of high-flying action to witness.

SFist, of course, has been behind this thing all along -- angry society brides and monks be damned. We also supported Mike Lin's efforts to bring it to Potrero, but we have to admit, you really couldn't have picked a better spot. The view from the top of the hill, with the Bay and Tiburon off in the distance, was f**king spectacular. The heat made the manufactured 'snow' (really shaved ice) something like you would expect on a sunny day at Tahoe -- what we like to call 'slush on packed ice.'

After the jump: Biffs, Frank Chu and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.

Fantastic photos by Todd Lappin. More photos from bigempty and Flickr tagged with icerair.