Man, we're running out of pictures and titles for the ongoing ski jump saga in Pac Heights. So the big day's tomorrow! Skip work and watch Jonny Moseley zip by multi-million dollar homes and their angry occupants! (If you go with a digital camera, send us your pics!)

Today's latest outrage: the amps are coming back! Previously, the city entertainment committee (that's gotta be a fun committee to be on, like "social committee" for your dorm) denied Moseley a permit for loudspeakers and music, with a vote of 3-3. Based in part on the quieter noise levels, the transportation subcommittee approved the request to close off the streets for the jump. But -- oho! Much like with Superintendent Ackerman's pay raise, the entertainment committee then called a special meeting to reconsider the issue on a day where one more committee member was available. This time, the vote passed unanimously. Kick up that bass!

Angry, angry! Pac Heights residents have hired an attorney, who tried to appeal the decision but found out there is no appeal right for a traffic commission decision. The attorney has found out that the company sponsoring the jump is not in compliance with corporate regulations in Nevada, and the company that was hired to clear out the snow is in default on a civil judgment against it.