This is going to be a great day. First Tom DeLay gets indicted, and now this! The Examiner reports that Tom Ammiano and Chris Daly !!!!! OMG! OMFG!!! OMFG!!

You know in those segments how you always wonder, "who the heck would agree to be interviewed by Samantha Bee, anyways?" Well, now you know! Ammiano, a former stand-up comic, gamely answered all their questions about the gay-rights controversy over the USS Iowa and said he tried to be funny but that "they have total control over the camera." Ammiano also told his aides, "I think we're going to get punked." Daly, no doubt hardened by years and years of Matier and Ross mockery (and his own special archives category on!), said, "I told them I didn't care if they made fun of me, as long as it's funny." (Oh man, Daly must hate us.)

No word on when the segment's going to air -- but it's never too early to prepare! Your official SFist Daily Daly Show drinking game after the jump! (Sorry, Tom, it's Chris only.)

just got interviewed by the Daily Show