So, to make up for it, they've decided to add service and add the numbers of trains put on each run. It won't be back like it was before and people not going to Dublin/Pleasanton will still have to transfer, but we can't help but be a little smug about this. And by the way, take it from us, those pesky little switching problems are still occasionally happening, causing us untold amounts of aggravation as we sit at SFO for no apparent reason and no word as to when we're going to move. Memo to BART Heads: less service with more problems equals SFist getting a car, $5 a gallon prices be damned.

And for those of you riding MUNI, this weekend will mark the start of the new bus service as several lines are being cut back, including the 7 Haight, the 4 Sutter, and the 10 Towsend. You know, when we lived in Upper Haight, we loved the 7 line as it started up around the corner from us so we were always assured of getting a seat. We also couldn't help but think that considering the number of ways one could get to the Haight (the 71, the 6, the N) maybe it was a bit redundant. If getting rid of redundant and little-used bus lines saves money so we don’t have to pony up for higher fares every year or so, we'’re all for it.