SFist Agitates! (And no, not just from our use of the first person plural.) What causes can you promote this weekend? On Saturday alone, you've got two sets of well-paired options.

Make Love, Not War: On Saturday, over 20,000 people are expected in town for the anti-war march. The march starts at noon from Dolores Park, goes up to Civic Center, and then ends at Jefferson Square Park on Eddy Street between Gough and Laguna around 5. However, complicating things, the ravers' Love Parade is happening at the same time -- and also marching from downtown to the Civic Center! Exciting cultural clashes are sure to ensue -- will the black box anarchists learn to put aside the flaming mattress in favor of the love and unity that is rave?

Fat!So?: But wait! That's not all that's going on on Saturday! The Society of Bariatric Surgeons (stomach staplers) are having a Walk From Obesity through Crissy Field. Won't those surgeons be upset (or start making stapling motions with their fingers in a Pavlovian response) when they see that Marilyn Wann from the National Association to Advance of Fat Acceptance is crashing their walk with a "Fat Fun In The Sun" protest! People of size should show up at Crissy Field Saturday morning from 9:30-11; outdoor activity frolicking (volleyball, yoga, dance, etc) is planned.