Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the inaugural edition of Yvesdropping. Hopefully, time will show that the cleverest elements of this new feature extend beyond its deliberately misspelled and mostly meaningless name. Thank you for your submissions of conversations overheard, eavesdropped, and butted into; please keep them coming to yvesdroppings - at - gmail - dot - com. For some reason, most of the submissions so far have related to substance abuse, which is odd -- we were expecting to hear more about fisting. But then, we're always expecting that.

Breastfeeding mom: I'm getting a little tired.
Dad: Okay. [to baby] You feel like hitting the bottle?
--Near Market/2nd

Girl at front of bus: Y'all move back!
Guy at back of bus: Move back to Louisiana!
--21 Hayes

Transvestite with pitbull: Don't give him wine. That's all we need is a drunk dog.
Man giving pitbull wine: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Dude on cellphone: Hey man, I hear you've been having a great time down there. [A pause.] Oh, you got electrocuted? That's lame.
--5 Fulton

Big Mullet Guy In Harley Shirt: See, I hand you 20 dollars, and you hand me the bottle of gin.
Bartender: I can pour as much as you'd like, but I can't hand you the bottle.
BMGIHS: Can you hand me the bottle for twenties?
Bartender: (Hands him the bottle)