Wow, so much going on today! We're so inundated with news today that we're going to just give it to you in bullet form! (Those of you who are muttering darkly about the laziness of the SFist news desk, don't think we can't hear you either.) So here goes:

*Gay marriage in California just made it over another hurdle, as Mark Leno shepherds three swing votes to change their minds and vote yes this time around. We're all waiting for the governor to either sign or veto -- no response either way from Arnold's office.

*Arlene Ackerman, beleaguered SF superintendant, finally quit. She got a little emotional at the press conference -- crying all the way to the bank, baby! She's getting that $375K bonus after all. She'll stick around through this school year and then she's through.

*And finally, they found the remains of a ship in a construction site by the Gap HQ downtown. Apparently there are "hundreds" of abandoned ships by the Embarcadero that were used to make the landfill? Folks in the 1880s would ditch the ships when it became more profitable to find gold in them thar hills. You wonder if historians 200 years from now are going to get all excited about finding the shell of a server farm or something.