For the last month (besides last weekend) it feels like we've been living in dc city, as is dichotomy city. It's been a tale of two fogs. Either you're in the fog and you feel like the whole world (and possibly some neighboring planets) are covered in fog. You keep a ski hat in your bag, turn on the heat when guests come ever, stay in bed reading in the morning and blow off evening plans.

Or ... you're not in the fog and while your enjoying your lovely summer day you wonder how those poor bastards in the fog cope.

August fog has been pretty darn thick. Worse, some days the marine layer became cloud cover and stretched as far east as Sacramento, as north as Canada and as far south as Mexico. The worst is when it fogs out ... when it is actually fogging out. 'Fogging' is a lesser known meteorological phenomena we coined term to describe when rain-like precipitation is released from a fog bank not more than 5 to 200 feet over your head. We lie to ourselves and say isn't that nice the plants get a natural moisturizing, but it's atrocious stuff.

Praise jebus, however as our obeisance to the fog god may be sufficient. The last two days have been rippin' and we're just 2 days from September, meaning 3 days from summer. We are on the door step of the two best months of the year, our one-sixth slice of heaven.

Funny that all the tourists visit in August. Pity that.