You can tell we were excited to see the SFAFF movie Arahan Friday night, because we crossed the Tordesillas Line of Market Street and actually ventured up to the (gasp!) Marina -- where we were promptly almost run over by a group of five guys in fraternity sweatshirts violating the open container law, barrelling down the street. (Do they keep that posse around just for local color or something?) We're not hating, just appreciating.

Anyhow. The showing at the Presidio Theater was about 2/3rds full for this Korean martial arts movie. It's described in the liner notes as a Korean Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but it might be more accurate to call it Tae Kwon Do Hustle -- it's got that same sense of madcap absurdity that Stephen Chow's movies have, along with the same strong moral message (sacrifice, self-control, saving the world -- you know, the usual stuff).

Will good prevail over evil? Find out after the jump!

Picture still from Arahan