Beef -- it's what's for dinner! Here's the full contents of a letter from Supervisor Chris Daly to the Sentinel, in response to Pat Murphy and Luke Thomas's editorial about the CitySafe program:

Luke, how much money are you making to be a bitch?

Daly was presumably upset either by Murphy and Thomas's opining that it was inappropriate for him to say that certain police officers in the SFPD should be prosecuted for murder (scroll down) -- or maybe by the picture (scroll down further) that Thomas took of him at the meeting.

The Sentinel's response?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Supervisor Daly, we have chosen to publish this because you have emailed such an ugly and unprofessional aspersion, that we believe your constituents need to see it.

The folks over at are abuzz (though not as abuzz as they've been about Superintendent Ackerman).

Was it a failed joke by Daly? An uncalled-for attack? A relapse? Meanwhile, please pass the A1 steak sauce, please!