It's here, it's finally, really here! We've been waiting for to publish our review of The Aristocrats since catching a preview screener. Drumroll please...

If you like to laugh until it hurts, go see The Aristocrats.

We kid, we kid. The above was our little ode to Peter Travers. Seriously, though, we didn't really know what to expect going into this. We knew it would be dirty, but dirty like your funny uncle, not like White Palace. And really, how could a bunch of comedians, including Drew Carey and Bob Saget, truly shock us (or amuse us, for that matter)? Incest? Bestiality? Coprophilia? We get worse in our trackback spam.

The movie was billed as exploring the depths of "The dirtiest joke ever told." And it's not a documentary about the 2000 presidential election. It does, however, deliver on that promise, again and again, until you really do realize that what you're watching is comedy calisthenics. This isn't the glamorized pablum of Punchline, but it is a look behind the curtain into the business of telling jokes. In a conversation with Paul Provenza, he remarked, "Penn [Jillette] and I like to talk pretentiously about art. Penn is into Jazz, be-bop, improv. We see the same themes explored in music, painting, but not comedy. This joke lent itself to that."

Still of Gilbert Godfried tell the joke at Hugh Heffner's roast from the trailer.