Har! Remember Maria Alquilar, the lady who misspelled the names of the geniuses on the mural she was installing for the Livermore library? (or maybe Albert always spelled his name "Eistein," you never know.) Well, "Shakespere" and "Van Gough"'s families can rest easy, Ms. Alquilar slunk back into town last week to fix the mural, after almost a year.

Alquilar, who had previously said she would never fix the mural because people had been so mean to her about it, was in a feisty mood in the blazing Livermore sun as she installed her new spell-checked tiles, threatening to throw a rock at the Chron's photographer and telling them, "No pictures of me! If I'm in it, I'm going to sue you." (Chron and Oakland Trib, you stinkers!) A city official politely said that Alquilar needed to be able to focus. (F-o-c-u-s.)

Alquilar billed Livermore over $6000 for the privilege of re-edits, but we're sure Livermore residents have gotten more than $6000 worth of entertainment out of the whole thing. As one local teenage wag told the Chron, "When the story first broke, I thought, 'Oh, Livermore, the town that misspells stuff.' The only thing we've got in Livermore is a library that misspells words."