Gallery you'd most like to show in?
There are so many interesting galleries in the city that I enjoy visiting like Tinhorn Press, Low Gallery, Receiver and pretty much any one on this list . I'd also love to show in the public library, City Hall, abandoned buildings, storefronts and such. It's my dream to take over one of the dilapidated buildings at 6th and market and turn in into an art factory/cultural landmark. I have a whole plan for it I just need some investors.

Best art show EVER?
I loved the Paul Urich and Chris Duncan show at 111 Minna. I love their work individually and they made such a complimentary team.

Best Public Art in the city?
The Trolley Dances.

How do you come up with ideas?
They are an amalgamation of dreams,politics, travel, friends, family, music, toys, candy and nature.