22 movies were screened in total, with Adam Davis' Runner taking the first place trophy. Jeff Cleary's Searching For Billy Ocean Volume One finished second, and Jen Hoenigsberg's Slinky rounded out the top three. DJ Swayzee kept Root Division hot with a couple of DJ sets thereby keeping the bar busy cooling people down.

All three of the top finishers were deserved winners and submitted very different films. Runner provided a french language slice of life that reminded us of graphic artist Mike Mills' work with the French band Air. Billy Ocean, on the other hand, was a goofy little opus that taught everyone a valuable lesson about passing out on the toilet and letting mormons into your house while you're trying to play Donkey Kong. And Slinky? Let's just say that it was a tribute to the kind of street art that makes us vaguely uncomfortable while laughing out loud.

An Honorable Mention went to Being Frank, an incredibly well made mini-doc about Frank Chu (Mr. 12 Galaxies sign himself). Making the evening even more interesting was the attendance of Mr. Chu, who happily mingled with the crowd when he wasn't passed out in a chair.

Big props go out to Camille Verboort for putting the whole thing together while making one of the funniest films of the night, Closet of Satan, and to everyone who helped out setting everything up. Here's to next year!