The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that local hip-hop station Wild 94.9's hired a new radio producer for their morning show, Rick Delgado. Who's Delgado? Well, he's the guy who produced and aired the song mocking the tsunami victims for NYC's Hot 97. (The link has the lyrics -- they're not very pleasant.)

Why's a genius like that looking for a job out here in the Yay Area? Well, he got the Hot 97 morning show suspended, and then he got fired. So naturally, Wild 94.9 snapped him up. They call him "a major talent" in morning radio, and Delgado explains away the tsunami song as "a matter of bad taste, like a blonde joke." Oh, okay.

Delgado's other claim to fame is that he produced the WNEW 102.7 Opie and Anthony morning segment of that couple having sex in New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral -- where the male partner then mysteriously died about six months later. (Don't mess with God!)

WILD 94.9 says they'll be "closely monitoring" Delgado's shows. Better hope so.