We keep lookin' and expectin' to be living in fog blanket city but the white menance is already breaking by the time we're done with our beignets at Just For You. (Holla back Dog Patch!)

See the fog future for yourself. This is our newest favorite link and you can feel free to click it obessively with us for the next 7 weeks.

Honestly, here it is the Fogth of July and only the most coastal of neighborhoods have been suffering from any of the misty malaise. Our official meteorological opinion is that the extremely light fog is compensation for putting up with one of the rainiest May and June's in Bay Area history. We earned this decent weather dammit. Fark, we can think of a good many 4th of July's we wanted to throw some logs in the fireplace so it was a pleasure to be able to see actual exploding fireworks instead of vague color shade changes in the clouds.