While we can think of about fifty places in the Mish to practice your Downward Dog without even trying, it's nice to find places where we can practice our favorite set of postitions without looking like we were stranded by our dates in the Cow Palace parking lot after Exotic Erotic. Since none of those Yoga Tree joints will let us practice our California Roll and the Metereon threw us out after our last Popcorn Bucket, we have to look a little further afield, like, at those places where people are to have sex in public -- sex clubs.

Now, every gay man in San Francisco worth his gag reflex already knows where to go (Eros comes to mind), and the Power Exchange dominates as the destination for the heaving, humping tourists that leave lube stains on our fine city every weekend. Ever eager to find a place that embodies something we don't usually run across, we're excited to see the sticky, sweaty emergence of all-genders, all-orientations, utterly queertastic Deep Ocean Productions, who promises to:

...model sex-positive attitudes and promote erotic well-being through a unique array of services including private parties, fantasy weekends, retreats and classes designed to cater to the diverse needs of our customers and foster a safe environment for erotic empowerment. We create an open and non-judgmental atmosphere for people of all ages, body types, ethnicities, experience levels, genders and sexual orientations to explore their fantasies.

Translation: sex parties a taxi cab ride away with themes that include "Swingers, Bisexuals Bashes, Girls Take Charge, Blatino 'DL' Thug-a-Thons, SM/Bondage Power Play, MTF Lust-Capades, FTM 'Man on Man' Parties, The Bears Dens: Bears, Cubs & Otters, Kink and Fetish Balls, Dykes who Crave Cock & the Pricks who want them, Pansexual Pandemonium, The Ultimate Debauchery: A Sexual 'Freak For All', Kinky Family Fun: Age Play for Mommies, Daddies & Their Naughty Girls & Dirty Boys." Anyone hungry for a roll?

Please welcome native San Franciscan, sexpert, artist, bestselling author and Bay Blogger Thursday alum SFist Violet, nee Violet Blue of Tiny Nibbles.