We need to come up with a new word to describe the tasteless, fabulous, trashy, glamorous style of the Tenderloin. It's not just a slummy neighborhood; it's a slummy neighborhood with a can-do spirit and discerning palette. And one of its heroines is Tenderloinish drag star Juanita More, who, along with three hot Moreboys and the adorable Mike Albo, performed for an adoring crowd at The LGBT Center on Tuesday night. The evening, the last of the Queer Cultural Center's series of Trash Talkin' Tuesdays, started strong with Juanita's Moreboys reading harlequin-style smut, moved on to a dazzling song and dance by The Lady Herself, and then finished with a gut-busting performance/reading by Mike Albo from his new book, . By the end of the night, the audience could barely breathe though their laughter -- aren't you sorry you missed it? Lucky thing Mike's going to be performing again, tonight, at 7pm at A Clean Well-Lighted Place For Books. If you don't go, we can't be friends anymore.

"I'm so happy to be in SF," Mike told the crowd on Tuesday as he got up on stage, "I can't wait to get my butt banged later." The Underminer is a collection of monologues, spoken by one of those chipper bastards -- we all know the type -- who have their s**t so together they're ruining everyone's lives. "Heyyyyyy," Mike's Underminer character gushed, "did you get your hair straightened, or just not wash it for a while?" Later on, speaking as an Undermining former sexual partner, he effervesced, "well, other than sex, I've just been doing meth, and situps." The climax of the evening came when Mike, wearing a tiny pink bikini and an I-Dream-of-Jeannie ponytail, launched into a series of inane celebutante cell-phone conversations. The act, which was very early-Kids-in-the-Hall, featured such filthy-hilarious quotes as, "Hello? ... Amanda? ... I'm totally getting f**ked right now! ... I don't know who it is, I'm upside-down!"

Superthanks to the Queer Cultural Center, its funders, and its supporters for making the evening possible.

The Underminer