Panic in the streets of San Francisco! Further adding to housing hysteria, the Chron prominently fronts an article reporting that the housing market is going to crash some time next year. Set your watches now, folks! Factors cited include an overreliance on zero-down interest-only mortgages, rising interest rates, and the sputtering U.S. economy in general. Plus, geez, how much higher can the market , anyways? Picking a listing totally randomly, $939,000 for an 875 square foot house on 20th and Bryant?? (We apologize if this is your real estate investment, gentle readers.)

Even the optimists are starting to sound a little nervous: an economist for the California Association of Realtors, who you know's gotta be the most up of anyone out there on the real estate market, concedes, "There may be some people who may get into trouble, but we don't think it will dominate the market." Gosh, we hope Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins can move that Pacific Heights mansion of his before the inevitable market crash!