We're awash in trannies! Frameline, San Francisco's annual GLBT film festival, has decided to highlight the "T" portion of the acronym this year, but there's still plenty of G, L, B, and P on the incredibly massive schedule. With 115 screenings, yikes that's a lot, between June 16 and 26, there's sure to be something for everyone. Including heterosexuals. If there really even is such a thing. Anyway, trust SFist to scurry about like a fey little fieldmouse, bringing you reviews and recaps of selected screenings throughout the fest. Programs we're covering include a slew of cartoons, a collection of Peaches Christ's best work, and yet another documentary about Tammy Faye, at which Lady Faye herself will be present.

Get your tix here; or buy tickets and t-shirts at Superstar Video, across the street from the Castro Theater. And if you see some dork standing around, modelling a lovely SFist t-shirt, don't be too shy to say hello; it'll either be us, or a clever imposter.

Superthanks to the lovely PR folks at Larson Associates for facilitating our addiction to awesome gay cinema.