One of Gothamist's favorite comedians, Todd Barry, will be performing six shows starting tonight at eight at the Purple Onion and running through Sunday. Who is Todd Barry? Well, find out for yourself by reading the interview he did with Gothamist (where, to the world's chagrin, he declined to answer the question "Imagine prostitutes gave receipts. Imagine you go to prostitutes. What do you think your receipt would have on it?").

Named "It Stand Up" by Entertainment Weekly, you'll probably recognize Todd from stints on The Chappelle Show, Sex and the City, Late Night with Conan O'Brien or The Larry Sanders Show as well as his voice work on Dr. Katz, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Home Movies (which was awesome until they abandoned SquiggleVision). Todd will be appearing with guest Jim Short and host Ryan Stout. And with swimsuit season approaching, what better time to laugh your ass off?