Long-time readers of this site may remember a certain, um, "so-best fixation" we had on a certain picture of our mayor and his then-wife, in happier times. Well, it looks like Niners PR man Kirk Reynolds was similarly inclined!

No one's laughing about the mea culpa hat-in-hand tours that the Niners' owners are making around the various offended groups in town. Last week, John York and Reynolds met with members of the gay community in the LGBTQ headquarters in the Castro to apologize for mocking gay marriage in the infamous training video, and yesterday, York went to Chinatown to apologize to Asian-Americans for depicting a buck-toothed accented Asian character in the video too.

One 18-year-old Asian-American Niners fan told York, "You guys are like our heroes. So when I saw that video, I don't know how to describe it -- it was heartbreaking." And sitting sternly in attendance too -- the Asian-American who paid for the renaming of Monster Park, Noel Lee. Lee told the Examiner that the video reminded him of "ridicule" he faced growing up in the Richmond and that "I thought that was behind me until I saw this video." Quite a lot of damage to do for a lame joke about l's and r's, huh?

Hey, here's an idea: Lee and the gay community should get together and rename Candlestick B.D. Wong and Margaret Cho Field! Lee paid all that money, didn't he?