This past weekend we made our way down to Long Beach for the Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championships. A competition between the best submission wrestlers, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practioners, and Judo players in the world, the combatants win by submission, points or referee decision. Drawing a diverse crowd, we found ourselves thisclose to BJJ fan and studentJoe Rogan, and we hear Julia Roberts fan and student Jason Patric was also in the audience.

Being the SFist that we are, our attention was focused on Bay Area-based fighters Jake Shields and Gibert Melendez both of whom represented the Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu Acadamy in Pleasant Hill. Jake Shields is a "no holds barred" fighting champion and winner of multiple jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling tounaments at a national level. Shields took on Cameron Earle, a black belt under Ralph Gracie, who has schools in San Francisco and Mountain View.

Naked choke and hyper extension after the jump!

SFist Tim, contributing

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