Not only is the Essefficist thick in the final stages of a mammoth six-month renovation project, but we're also thick in the early stages of a brand spanking new job with twelve-hour workdays. With all of this overlapping mayhem (and with the morale-crushing dearth of answerable questions from you the reader of late), we humbly, three days late, present the following:

So I've got three weddings to go to this summer, and I just picked up a stylin' charcoal grey suit so I'll definitely look the rakish cad. Being single, I've found weddings a great place to meet the ladies. Problem is, the three weddings are for, in order: an old high school paramour, a cousin, and a friend from elementary school, and my parents will probably be at all three. So how do I pick up chicks without being too creepy? Should I simply sublimate any tendencies, or should I not feel guilty at all?


Dear Essefficist,