We already mentioned this in our interview with Craig Newmark, but the cool kids (read: blog nerds) will be at the Citizen Journalism meet-and-greet at the Varnish Gallery at six and then yukking it up with the Onion at the 12 Galaxies at ten. If that doesn't interest you, head down to the Winchester Mystery House and a take a flashlight tour! Spooky! For more on the Winchester House, check out Forward Retreat's take.

Tomorrow is Kepler's 50th Anniversary -- go already! Drama queens with some extra cash can catch star of stage and screen Bebe Newirth in "Here Lies Jenny" at the Post Street Theater -- shows at five and nine.

And Sunday is the annual freakfest* known as the Bay to Breakers. Of course there will be the normal people, and then the weirdos who are actually competing to win! And they're not even going to be naked! Or drunk! Takes all kinds.

*Double bonus points for showing up to the Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman convo in your costume!

Special, "Why does all the good stuff happen when we'll be out of town?" edition.