SFist has not one, not two, but weddings to go to this summer, and we needed a snazzy suit. Something dark, not too heavy, and cheapcheapcheap. So we went to Thrift Town at 17th and Mission because, well, we do almost all our shopping at Thrift Town. Hey, when you're an underemployed blogger, you've got to look good on a budget.

When we lived in New York City, our favorite shop was the Salvation Army in Soho. Over the years we scored a houndsooth Burberry suit and a navy, pinstriped Brooks Brothers for less than fifty bucks each. Word to the wise: hipsters buy the ugly crap from the seventies, and no self-respecting yuppie would go looking for suits at a thrift store. After moving here, our ex turned us on to this gem, and we've been getting our frequent shopper card stamped ever since.

There were lots of good looking options in 42 and 44, but we're a 46 long. But we found a charcoal grey number which was hand-tailored in New York. It's a little tight through the shoulders, and the trousers could use a slight hem, but it looks great on us and set us back a whopping $30. They also have good dress shirts, sportcoats, the occassional awesome sweater and a whole floor of housewares.

So before you go drop $500 on clothes at Macy's, head by Thrift Town first (and Community Thrift is just a block away on Valencia, but they don't have dressing rooms!). They have awesome sales, and are so cheap, SFist has been known to just buy an outfit so that we can put off laundry for yet another day.

Photo by Emilie Wilson of Snapcity.