If you're wondering why there is a guerilla theater performance going on during your ride to work on the 14 Mission tomorrow, it's because the Central City SRO Collabortive under the auspices of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic will be staging direct-action protests on busses during the morning commute to galvanize MUNI riders and hopefully encourage folks to press the Board of Supervisors to amend the MTA's proposed budget. From the press release:

On Thursday, April 28, come ride the buses during the morning commute. Help us do outreach and street theater, inspire fellow riders, and stand up for our right to affordable transportation!

Meet at 16th and Mission at 7:30 AM to get plugged in - meet back in the same place at 9:15 for a rally and press conference.

Now, SFist isn't sure how effective this may be -- we know at least one cranky Mission denizen who will probably be pissed off that instead of quietly scanning the Examiner for Gavin gossip, they'll be engaged in street theater and harassed by puppets, but you have to give them points for enthusiasm (that is damn early for a protest) and creativity (they spent Sunday at Cellspace working on their props).

And on a sweet tip, if national politics is more your bag, head out to Alameda before 9am to say hello to everyone's favorite First Lady, Laura Bush, who'll be speaking at the Chipman School on "Character Education." We sure hope she doesn't use her husband as a good example.