The movie in question is Murder at the Presidio, which premieres on USA Monday, May 2nd, at 9 p.m. Lou Diamond Phillips stars as a member of the "Criminal Investigation Division" investigating the death of a Marine's wife. He smells a murder plot. The dead woman's brother, played by Jason Priestley, smells a crackpot, as Phillips "soon finds his own tragic past coming back to haunt him." We smell bad acting, and we love it.

The film is apparently based on a "true tale of military murder," but damned if we can find any mention anywhere of the actual crime. (If anyone else can, please let us know in the comments!) Of course, that vague description means the "military murder" could have happened anywhere. Maybe even Canada!

One of these days, the TV powers-that-be will learn of the incredible influence SFist has on the viewing habits of the City, and they will send us review copies of their offerings. But until then, all we can really go on is speculation, and a tremendous hope that this film is as good as Lou Diamond Phillips' other recent TV movie Red Water. Though really, how could it be?

Photo of Lou Diamond Phillips nowhere near the Presidio, from the USA Network.