At the corner of Market and New Montgomery this afternoon, we spied a large sign reading, "#%*&! IF YOU HATE TAXES! UP WITH FREEDOM!" And we're a little confused. What exactly are those swear-symbols masking? "F**k if you hate taxes"? "S**t if you hate taxes"? Or perhaps a somewhat milder "Ass if you hate taxes"? (SFist's self-imposed no-curse-words rule makes it somewhat awkward a subject to explore here.) Perhaps due to our own pre-existing mindset, we initially assumed that it was a compound swear, "Assf**k if you hate taxes," which makes the sign's second sentence seem smuttily euphamistic.

Anyway, yeah -- we hate taxes, sure. We also hate public universities, street cleaning, voter information guides, parks, health inspections, unemployment insurance, 911, the interstate system, and Matthew Lesko.