Several weeks ago, SFist vented about our number one pub trans pet peeve. This week, we want to vent about our second biggest pub trans pet peeve. Consider this a sequel, kind of a Move to the Back of the Bus: Electric Boogaloo. The peeve this time? People who don't walk up the left side of the escalator.

Granted, this isn't necessarily a public transportation situation. Escalators are everywhere- at the Metreon, at Virgin, at the opera- but the situation seems to mainly bug whenever it involves MUNI or BART. Maybe because it's more pronounced. Or maybe it's because we're in more of a hurry because we've once again overslept. Or maybe it's because we like walking up the escalator because it makes us feel like we're exercising when in reality we're too lazy to take the stairs. But wherever it takes place, people who don't walk on the left side of the escalator suck. Isn't the whole the-left-side-is-for-walking a general rule? Isn't it one of the Universal Truths? A little known addendum to the Ten Commandments? Shouldn't the offenders realize something's up by the constant stream of people shoving past them muttering "excuse me, excuse me"?

Image of BART escalator from Refracted Moments