Once again, here to answer yet more inane questions from our gentle readers, it's the Essefficist. Today's topics: elementary math, bay windows, and the Transbay Terminal redevelopment project. Here we go...

What's one hundred sixty-two minus six?



What the hell kind of dumb question is that, Shane? You silly thing, everyone knows 162 - 6 = 154. No, wait, uh, 156. Um, hang on, let's just open that handy calculator program in the operating system... yeah, 156. Not 154. 156. Ummmm. Next!

Dear Essefficist:

My parents came out for a visit from Yellow Springs, Ohio, and were admiring the bay windows that grace many buildings in San Francisco. They asked me if the bay window was an invention of the San Francisco Bay Area. Now I am sure that that it's an invention of some Bay area somewhere, (Montego, Chesapeake, Newport, and Tampa jump to mind) but could not swear to them that this invention came from around these parts. What's the deal here? Is the bay window something that we can lay claim to, or is its origin somewhere far away from here?

Scrumbly the Hamster

Dear Essefficist,