Things just keep getting worse and worse for Ms. Anna Ayala, the woman who purportedly bit into a fingertip in her Wendy's chili last month. So not only was her house raided, it also turns out she has a long history of filing lawsuits, including suits for food poisoning, claims that tires fell off her car, and a claim for sexual harassment against a company she didn't work for. This of course led to some skepticism the other day when she brought out her 13 year old daughter wearing a sling and started ranting about police brutality (though we hope the daughter's arm feels better soon and all that).

And today! Well, so not only has she decided to drop her claims against Wendy's entirely, her lawyer also quit. The lawyer, however, denies that his quitting has anything to do with this latest incident in Pahrump, NV, broken by the SJ Merc News. What incident, you ask? Well, in Pahrump, about an hour away from Vegas, where Ms. Ayala lives, a woman was attacked by a zoo leopard. What part of the woman was attacked, you ask? Funny -- the lady's fingertip was bitten off, and later returned to her in a cup of ice. The picture of that fingertip looks suspiciously similar to the fingertip found in the chili. The fingertipless woman has not returned calls to the police, or the press.

Picture of the Wendy's in question from KGO 7